What if my excuses are legitimate?

To be original, having fun and to deep within yourself have a strong drive to accomplish your dreams, at the same time deal with the idea of a sinking opportunity-rate as you get older and have the fear that you haven’t got anything to offer and even if you do, that you don’t know how to get yourself heard sending out your message.

Maybe you don’t know why you even bother, you easily get off concentration and you also think that everybody else don’t have time to concentrate on your message, and again what message can you offer?

Maybe you have the idea that the world seem to spin just faster and faster, people are more busy than ever, and their attention span have become smaller and smaller. What if you like writing more than stand in front of a camera, at least as a beginner, but what if you think that no one would have the time to read your message?

Shortcuts To Freedom

Does everything need to take time or is there legitimate shortcuts that’s actually work?

I do think we like the idea of taking a shortcut but how easy could this be?

If something is to easy it will probably left us feel empty? But many of us have to work so hard for a living, and would like to at least have a middle experience.

The reality however can make it harder than it should

We all have our individual set of rules, problems to consider… some of us have have more money than time, and some of us have more time than money, some of us either have much time or money…

We have to consider the current state, calculate risks and to take care of things that happen in our surroundings and that could happen. All of a sudden there is a surprising event that is taking place, where we want to shift focus, put our energy on something else… for a while or for a longer time.

We have to evolve during a time where there is a lot of movements; with the people you are surrounded with, society and the world.

My choice of shortcut

Shortcuts by my mean is doing something that will lead to faster results. I’ve realized that investing in SFM is a way of getting faster results in your bank-account if you do it right. This can be tricky however. One way of reducing this risk is to ask people that have been in your place before. I feel like SFM offer a very supportive community that will always be there, that are like-minded.

But even if you are a good asker there is more problem to consider.

One of my biggest struggles have been to be strong during a shift to a higher level… or to take action into something that I feel inside me I have to learn…

I have begun to think that it has to with the environment I have been brought up to. I had never any real financial problems growing up, belonged to a middle class I guess, even on the higher end of this spectrum. I have been thinking me of an outsider who wants to earn more money (beacuse of expensive dreams), but who couldn’t seem to find a good way reaching there.

The problems I had dealt with setting up a money machine; just one example, I have realized that I need to better understand the technical part off setting up a site, create a sales funnel, auto-email response. I have let my self just half-understand this and run thru the steps too fast and hope I did everything right… but what if something is broken, and then I was letting my self get 6 months passed by and doing something that didn’t work in the first place.

As you can see there is a lot to consider, but if you don’t try to worry so much and have a nice vision of what you could reach, be calm and don’t rush it, you are on a good way of make this a enjoyable shortcut experience!

Catching Up

I have lost many days of not writing, and am in a new state of mind. I am in a risk-zone of moving into a new shiny object. I had not logged into the sfm for a long time and it was a feeling that caught me that was a bit odd. At the same time I am a bit excited. There is so much movement!

What I am thinking about is to keep moving forward and to do what I can, but also to explore a new field; bitcoin trading. I came over a site called btcblueprint.com and I would like to sign up for the beginner course. 

The risk however is that this will cause lost attention to marketing sfm for example. I’m worrying that I haven’t done enough setting everything up, maybe if I make a new site follow the steps again it will make me see what is missing, but really… the best way could be to learn with what I got, and if I decide to get into BTC trading I can share about this here.

Investing plan this year for me?

Leverage trading
Pro- Great reward
Cons- Very risky

Forex trading
Pro- I think I have a helpfull team around me
Cons- Jump to another game

Pro- Well known for a long time, I can choose different risklevel
Cons- Perhaps not so much gain, feels a bit old

Don’t invest in any of above in a certain amount of time, just save money from my regular 7-16 job
Pros: More safe and less risk of losing money
Cons: Hard work to make little money

What are the risks? Which way seem more suitable for me?

The money we need for future:

Flight tickets: 20000 kr
Computer: 15000 kr

Things we would like to spend in a year:
Furniture: 30000 kr
Wall paper: 5000 kr
Tv: 15000 kr
Extra: 5000 kr

Totalt: 90000 kr

Being fulfilled at what you do

Sometimes times goes by fast, and I have realized how easy it is to forget doing what makes time more fulfilling. Many times have I felt it’s harder to find time to explore my inner game and my outer game when I am in the squirrels wheel, doing all the basic stuff.

Dealing with regrets; my thought on many peoples frustration

Opportunities do exist, you can see them, but on that road you stand on could be a ton of devils to fight thru. You know this, and you might be on the road that has more devils than another road you could have choosed. You feel this. You might think that: “Why did I choose this road?… if I have chosen the other road I would have gotten way more time, and much less stress etc.” Maybe this was years ago you took a big decision which you feel you can’t make it undone by now.

Number one want: Time and money

I believe that a lot of people want time and money today.

Let’s cut to the chase. When I first heard about the SFM community I was surprised how genuine it seemed. I listen to the founder Stuart Ross talked about this, and a lot resonated right into my heart of what I was looking for, more free time and money that is earned from a passion of mine.

Sure, skepticism was there, but less than before. I have been joining these program before, but there has been elements before that I have not liked. For instance, you need to make phone calls, even if it was set up at forehand, or you need to make a program, create an e-book or something and start selling it. A problem I had with these program was that I could feel it would be way out my comfort-zone and to follow thru in their step by step program. In the SFM program however there is options to really do it on your pace. You can be introverted and have 0 experience talking in front of a camera. If this is something that scares you, you don’t need to do it, you can still use this program and earn an income. If writing is easier than talking to a camera, then choose writing blogs… but let say that you are not into writing either, you want to do marketing, let say affiliate, where you market other people’s products, then you have absolutely found the right program by my opinion! The SFM company has many options today but originally it’s main focus was affiliate marketing. They were one of the top-best by then teaching affiliate then and are even better today!

My number one regret: Not investing in stocks

Oh boy, there has been over a week since my last post. I have been busy. I have a lot I would like to talk about but I am not sure how much I want to mention in this post. One thing is that I’ve been wondering if I am on the right path. I have been focusing on writing, this has been my choice for some months now. I know that some months does not neccesarily mean that you are immediately going to be a champion, but I have been inte mood that I would like to see some impressive results, and also that I’ve been wondering if this approach somewhat lack excitement, maybe there was another choice that have been better.

So the question is, was there a better choice that I could make months ago?

I am not want get stuck in the land of “what if…?”. But to be honest I have a little.

Lately I have been thinking about stocks. I have almost bitten my tongue for not investing in stocks earlier. A few months ago I did invest in some stocks, and after my monthly salary I been investing in one new stock.

Why haven’t I done this earlier!?

Of course I have heard about stocks earlier and understood that people make money from this, but I have never completely understood what this is about, and the idea of searching for stocks, how to invest, making research of companies etc has never been something I have seriously put much thought into.

It fascinates me how I couldn’t ser the benefit exploring this opportunity, but at the same time I have some understanding for it. I was NEVER taught about stocks in school or by my family and friends (can’t blame them, because I never asked either). I also can’t say that I knew some people around who knew stocks. At the best I heard that someone mention about that investing in stocks could be a good idea.

Back to today: I had this thought the other day that what if I had NOT bought my car that I did back in 2011. It was a brand new Mitsubishi Outlander worth about 350 000 swedish krona, or about 40 000 dollars. What if I had bought 10 different stocks for about $4000 each instead of the car. What have these been worth today? The car is today worth only about $5000. That is a 90 % decrease in value. What if I had bought a really cheap car and then stocks instead of the expensive car. If I had done a thoroughly research I would not have doubted that the stocks could be worth at least the same price of 10 new Outlanders back in 2011. This I could not see or understand back then.

Vision of a monster

Have I been a monster? After been thinking for a longer time there were four things that led to this thought.

I was in the forest yesterday and was in my shooting-range. I had my big gun and my little gun with me, but only used my little gun this time. This is a soft air gun, and don’t make much noise, which was what I preferred this evening.

I like the calm atmosphere over there, where I can think and talk to myself. I love that! It’s one of the best things I know. I have always been a dreamer. I want to have more time to do this, to occupy myself with a hobby, and to think.

4 things I thought about:

  1. That things in life can change so much
  2. Sometimes it’s of extremely value to think over decisions that will affect your life to a great extent. Like what may happen if you take one of the two decisions for example.
  3. How easy it is to forget doing what you should.
  4. Why I have not thought thru things more thoroughly and said no when necessary.

Digging deeper

The fourth one is the one I want to dig deeper into. I mean decisions that I have made, that made cause for big consequences – Is it because I have not want to face the hardship of disappointments of other people? Or is because of laziness? Or just stupidity? But why be stupid if it will make life more miserable? Is it because I was yearning change? Maybe I felt so stuck in life, that I had to do something that will move myself in another direction, but I didn’t thought long enough to realize it can cause misery if I choose the wrong direction. The question I was then asking myself was if it’s better to move than being stuck. Maybe it’s easier to calibrate while you are still moving rather being stuck, like driving a car without steering power for example. If the car is not moving, it’s going to be hard to move the steering wheel, but as long as you move, it’s much easier.

What happened when I got home?

First, not much of this kind of thinking. I had to do the things that involves being a father to a 10 months old. But then later I watched a Jordan Peterson lecture on YouTube about realizing that being a monster is better than not to realize being a monster, or to pretend that you are not monster. This I felt like a very interesting concept that made me once again think, thinking of the history of my life, have I been a monster, am I now, and how could I apply to this concept in the future. I mean, is this something I should strive for, being more like a monster?

How much time we have

What’s missing? Time or the want?

Have I found the right path and want to continue this road? I believe I have many times, but it can feel hard to find the right time doing so. Why is this?

Because I have made the decision of that. Now I have a son under 1 year, and it takes a lot of time. Sure I love being a father and I am grateful for him, but I never realized how much difference this is from being a single. The amount of time I had as a single with no kids is ridiculous. So of course I had my moments when I have been missing the bachelor days.

I think nowadays, well at least I hope I do, think of me as a person who better make wiser decisions and think thru better what consequences each decision makes. I know how this sounds, “does he regret having kids?”. No, I don’t think it’s a good idea to go around and regret all days, because it may make you resentful. I try to think of the positive things of having a kid, for example the innocence and sweetness of him makes me understand what’s more important when deciding what view I should have dealing with a certain situation.

Don’t forget

I have been some months into SFM and I’m writing blogs about what interests me. This can vary from day to day. It might be bitcoin one day, stocks, forest business, camping another.

Today I want tell something that felt great.


I was building a picknick-bench and it made me proud of myself. I have little experience in building myself, other times I have built, I have done it with my father. It felt great to be part of building. However, doing this by myself makes it harder, but the best part as I see it, was that I learned a lot. Now I had to figure out stuff for myself.

But of course, I realized better by the years that being a part of a great community or having friends and family is very valuable.

So, what is my next step? What is my purpose? What am I grateful of? These are the questions I had thought about lately?

I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s been a lot because of the corona, or maybe it’s an age-thing, or that I’m not going fast enough in an direction, and that this is frustrating.

But what are my goals actually? Are they constantly shifting or are they not clear in my head. I’ve been wondering if I am not a really goal oriented person. Maybe I am living enough comfortable and don’t need change. Maybe there isn’t that much that really has to change. Many times I have come to realize that I should be really satisfied with so many things, and don’t need to chase whatever I think I would like all the time.

And then is the forgetting part. I’ve realized that it is so easy to forget all the things that needs to be done.

Novel Idea

No Power

Trying to start an old vehicle that has been left in the forest. It’s battery has long been dead. Many years of non active use has put it off I guess.

I didn’t intend this to happened, maybe I had to maybe I didn’t. I’m deep in the forest with no connection to any civilization.

How did I got here? I’ve seen myself as good at avoiding trouble at times but at certain times I’ve been terrible.

When I got closer I got a hunch, maybe this is a bad idea, I’m sure someone left this car with a reason, and the someone are not happy of me being here.

Anyway, the city was place I was pleased to leave, the confusion got me looking in other directions…