How much time we have

What’s missing? Time or the want?

Have I found the right path and want to continue this road? I believe I have many times, but it can feel hard to find the right time doing so. Why is this?

Because I have made the decision of that. Now I have a son under 1 year, and it takes a lot of time. Sure I love being a father and I am grateful for him, but I never realized how much difference this is from being a single. The amount of time I had as a single with no kids is ridiculous. So of course I had my moments when I have been missing the bachelor days.

I think nowadays, well at least I hope I do, think of me as a person who better make wiser decisions and think thru better what consequences each decision makes. I know how this sounds, “does he regret having kids?”. No, I don’t think it’s a good idea to go around and regret all days, because it may make you resentful. I try to think of the positive things of having a kid, for example the innocence and sweetness of him makes me understand what’s more important when deciding what view I should have dealing with a certain situation.

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