My number one regret: Not investing in stocks

Oh boy, there has been over a week since my last post. I have been busy. I have a lot I would like to talk about but I am not sure how much I want to mention in this post. One thing is that I’ve been wondering if I am on the right path. I have been focusing on writing, this has been my choice for some months now. I know that some months does not neccesarily mean that you are immediately going to be a champion, but I have been inte mood that I would like to see some impressive results, and also that I’ve been wondering if this approach somewhat lack excitement, maybe there was another choice that have been better.

So the question is, was there a better choice that I could make months ago?

I am not want get stuck in the land of “what if…?”. But to be honest I have a little.

Lately I have been thinking about stocks. I have almost bitten my tongue for not investing in stocks earlier. A few months ago I did invest in some stocks, and after my monthly salary I been investing in one new stock.

Why haven’t I done this earlier!?

Of course I have heard about stocks earlier and understood that people make money from this, but I have never completely understood what this is about, and the idea of searching for stocks, how to invest, making research of companies etc has never been something I have seriously put much thought into.

It fascinates me how I couldn’t ser the benefit exploring this opportunity, but at the same time I have some understanding for it. I was NEVER taught about stocks in school or by my family and friends (can’t blame them, because I never asked either). I also can’t say that I knew some people around who knew stocks. At the best I heard that someone mention about that investing in stocks could be a good idea.

Back to today: I had this thought the other day that what if I had NOT bought my car that I did back in 2011. It was a brand new Mitsubishi Outlander worth about 350 000 swedish krona, or about 40 000 dollars. What if I had bought 10 different stocks for about $4000 each instead of the car. What have these been worth today? The car is today worth only about $5000. That is a 90 % decrease in value. What if I had bought a really cheap car and then stocks instead of the expensive car. If I had done a thoroughly research I would not have doubted that the stocks could be worth at least the same price of 10 new Outlanders back in 2011. This I could not see or understand back then.

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