Being fulfilled at what you do

Sometimes times goes by fast, and I have realized how easy it is to forget doing what makes time more fulfilling. Many times have I felt it’s harder to find time to explore my inner game and my outer game when I am in the squirrels wheel, doing all the basic stuff.

Dealing with regrets; my thought on many peoples frustration

Opportunities do exist, you can see them, but on that road you stand on could be a ton of devils to fight thru. You know this, and you might be on the road that has more devils than another road you could have choosed. You feel this. You might think that: “Why did I choose this road?… if I have chosen the other road I would have gotten way more time, and much less stress etc.” Maybe this was years ago you took a big decision which you feel you can’t make it undone by now.

Number one want: Time and money

I believe that a lot of people want time and money today.

Let’s cut to the chase. When I first heard about the SFM community I was surprised how genuine it seemed. I listen to the founder Stuart Ross talked about this, and a lot resonated right into my heart of what I was looking for, more free time and money that is earned from a passion of mine.

Sure, skepticism was there, but less than before. I have been joining these program before, but there has been elements before that I have not liked. For instance, you need to make phone calls, even if it was set up at forehand, or you need to make a program, create an e-book or something and start selling it. A problem I had with these program was that I could feel it would be way out my comfort-zone and to follow thru in their step by step program. In the SFM program however there is options to really do it on your pace. You can be introverted and have 0 experience talking in front of a camera. If this is something that scares you, you don’t need to do it, you can still use this program and earn an income. If writing is easier than talking to a camera, then choose writing blogs… but let say that you are not into writing either, you want to do marketing, let say affiliate, where you market other people’s products, then you have absolutely found the right program by my opinion! The SFM company has many options today but originally it’s main focus was affiliate marketing. They were one of the top-best by then teaching affiliate then and are even better today!

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