Investing plan this year for me?

Leverage trading
Pro- Great reward
Cons- Very risky

Forex trading
Pro- I think I have a helpfull team around me
Cons- Jump to another game

Pro- Well known for a long time, I can choose different risklevel
Cons- Perhaps not so much gain, feels a bit old

Don’t invest in any of above in a certain amount of time, just save money from my regular 7-16 job
Pros: More safe and less risk of losing money
Cons: Hard work to make little money

What are the risks? Which way seem more suitable for me?

The money we need for future:

Flight tickets: 20000 kr
Computer: 15000 kr

Things we would like to spend in a year:
Furniture: 30000 kr
Wall paper: 5000 kr
Tv: 15000 kr
Extra: 5000 kr

Totalt: 90000 kr

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