Catching Up

I have lost many days of not writing, and am in a new state of mind. I am in a risk-zone of moving into a new shiny object. I had not logged into the sfm for a long time and it was a feeling that caught me that was a bit odd. At the same time I am a bit excited. There is so much movement!

What I am thinking about is to keep moving forward and to do what I can, but also to explore a new field; bitcoin trading. I came over a site called and I would like to sign up for the beginner course. 

The risk however is that this will cause lost attention to marketing sfm for example. I’m worrying that I haven’t done enough setting everything up, maybe if I make a new site follow the steps again it will make me see what is missing, but really… the best way could be to learn with what I got, and if I decide to get into BTC trading I can share about this here.

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