Shortcuts To Freedom

Does everything need to take time or is there legitimate shortcuts that’s actually work?

I do think we like the idea of taking a shortcut but how easy could this be?

If something is to easy it will probably left us feel empty? But many of us have to work so hard for a living, and would like to at least have a middle experience.

The reality however can make it harder than it should

We all have our individual set of rules, problems to consider… some of us have have more money than time, and some of us have more time than money, some of us either have much time or money…

We have to consider the current state, calculate risks and to take care of things that happen in our surroundings and that could happen. All of a sudden there is a surprising event that is taking place, where we want to shift focus, put our energy on something else… for a while or for a longer time.

We have to evolve during a time where there is a lot of movements; with the people you are surrounded with, society and the world.

My choice of shortcut

Shortcuts by my mean is doing something that will lead to faster results. I’ve realized that investing in SFM is a way of getting faster results in your bank-account if you do it right. This can be tricky however. One way of reducing this risk is to ask people that have been in your place before. I feel like SFM offer a very supportive community that will always be there, that are like-minded.

But even if you are a good asker there is more problem to consider.

One of my biggest struggles have been to be strong during a shift to a higher level… or to take action into something that I feel inside me I have to learn…

I have begun to think that it has to with the environment I have been brought up to. I had never any real financial problems growing up, belonged to a middle class I guess, even on the higher end of this spectrum. I have been thinking me of an outsider who wants to earn more money (beacuse of expensive dreams), but who couldn’t seem to find a good way reaching there.

The problems I had dealt with setting up a money machine; just one example, I have realized that I need to better understand the technical part off setting up a site, create a sales funnel, auto-email response. I have let my self just half-understand this and run thru the steps too fast and hope I did everything right… but what if something is broken, and then I was letting my self get 6 months passed by and doing something that didn’t work in the first place.

As you can see there is a lot to consider, but if you don’t try to worry so much and have a nice vision of what you could reach, be calm and don’t rush it, you are on a good way of make this a enjoyable shortcut experience!

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