Hey, My name is Alexander and I am into digital entrepreneurship. I am very glad that I took this opportunity to join the SFM community. It feels it has given me the best tools to use my computer in a really effective way! It is great to know that this has brought so much freedom for so many.

Digital revolution

We are living in an age where digital can be part of our lifestyle, which makes it possible to anywhere in the world to earn our income. The industrial world as we are familiar with is getting more and more old. Now many of us already are living in the digital world! And this is the golden age of running an online business that can be immensely successful!

Payed by influence

There is a lot of people who are working 8 hours a day or more, and for somebody else, but who wants to shift the way they earn their income. 

During one period of 3-4 months I worked everyday in two different jobs. Two jobs which both payed me by the hour. Well I was glad to have the opportunity for two jobs but I felt I had to sacrifice many hours to earn some extra money. Why I did this was because some months earlier I spend way over my monthly paycheck money so my bank account was decreasing fast, so I felt I had to catch up.

Today I am immensely thankful to what a computer and a Wifi can give me.  

Starting your digital journey…

When I first started I was choosing to become an affiliate marketer. This means a opportunity earning a % selling other people’s product. One of the great things about this as I see it, that is because it is a great opportunity for beginners who is looking to make it online, but don’t have so much experience yet. But on the road I had learned that there are so much more opportunity out there, beside from affiliate marketing. And all of the opportunities has become so much clear further down the road, leaving me excited to continue exploring dream lifestyle business.