My erratic thoughts of the day

My ambition is to effortless head to my online-business and start creating.

I think about don’t make too much mistakes, how important it is to plan for the future. This I have discovered more as a father.

I’m thinking about how fun it would be to start travel to places and explore my hobbies.

I’m thinking about stocks… man if I had started invested 10 years ago in hopeful projects!


How to become more successful in online-business

Lazy, not thinking outside the box, being busy with your favorite show on tv. If avoiding pain is comfortable then what to do?

Babysteps is what I believe in. Do what you can, but also take some steps once in a while in a direction you normally don’t. I mean a step that could be out of your comfort zone and/or a step that is extracted from you thinking outside of your box.

What I believe makes this more easy: War Map

One of my bigger goals for the moment: Build a small cabin

I experimented with a war-map to keep track of my steps, and I truly believe it has helped me a lot to make me more consistent. Here I make a mark whenever I have done anything in the areas where I think is important. This for my goal to become more successful in online-business. For instance this includes writing blogs like I’m doing right now. Other things could be researching my plans, which in my case for the moment is how to build a small cabin.

Electroneum Spike

I haven’t paid much attention to Electroneum in a year, because it has been so low… but when I looked at the charts in the morning there was a happy surprise, it stood at 0,008 $/Electroneum.


Have you ever had the feeling that your purpose fading away? And that the meaning of your path is not longer that clear? And that the steps toward your goals is slightly harder than usual, and where you are drifting away from your once high level of commitment and dedication towards your goals? And where you wondering why this is the case? I know I have.

As men especially I believe we need a purpose, and I believe it’s normal for us to have someone to look up. Historically this have in many cases been a god.
I watched an interview with Jordan Peterson talks about this in a Joe Rogan interview


We are shooting and it’s not working. We are missing, and wondering what’s wrong. We are thinking: “Is it we who are poor shooters or is it sometimes wrong with our gun”. The reason turn out to be at least to some part our gun. It goes high in 3 cm and on the left 3 cm. After we found out this we were all dangerous with this gun. Our experience were valuable to a competition with a person who didn’t know about the adjustment that had to be made.

One night at the old sparta cabin

Now I am in a log-cabin which I think is built 1930, therefore it’s 90 years old. I’m going to spend the night here just to see what’s it’s like, and to think.

I believe I get so much clearer mind when I’m deep in nature by myself. It’s a different kind of atmosphere compared to the city.

After coming home:

It’s kind of fascinating, I was looking forward to the day I was going to spend in the cabin for many months but when I got there, I had my moments (especially when the cold hit me) where I was wondering if I am in the right place. I was asking myself: “Is it not better to spend more time with my family?” But when I got home I much better appreciated this trip, and understood the reason why I do these kind of things.

Three things that hit me back home:

Be prepared – It was cold in the cabin and I woke up after been sleeping two hours feeling too much cold, I miscalculated.
Chin up – One thing I thought about when I came back home is that I should really meet the world with curiosity, understanding, and love, that there is a reason for everything and that we should all support each other and learn from each other.
Mind is tricky – I thought about how grateful I should be about what I have. I have food on the table, a roof above my head and a loving family.

Reason for pain in my hip

The thing that has occupied my mind lately is: “What is going on with my hip?”. Is it getting worse or is my mind fooling with me? I think I try my best thinking it’s not of a big deal, because I know when my body feels good my whole self can also feel good. It’s like I want to fool with my mind if I can.

Imagined increased grade of pain the last days. What could be the reasons?

New life

I have thought about this, could it be a stressful time, and that this is added up because I am a father since not very long ago, just 8 months ago. I guess every parents can sense a new type of living after being a parent for the first time. For a while ago there was no problem to sleep whenever I wanted but now I can’t. There is a higher responsibility being a parent. I am very glad for this responsibility and I would not trade it away. This is just a thought process I am going thru trying to define where an imagined increased pain can come from.

Thinner cartliage

Second reason could be that my hip is in a worse condition now than it was for let say a year ago. I’m thinking that my cartliage may be thinner now, and it is simply because of that I feel increased pain.

Struggle getting treatment

Third reason, an experienced struggle getting treatment. For some time ago I felt really excited because I believed I found the right treatment for my hip, and I still do, but the road there has been longer than I was expecting. Not because of treatment itself, and I believe the operation is world class but to be able getting treatment they need newly updated xray pictures, so the clients need to get this from a local health center. Getting this xray can be denied if you mention the hospital you want to choose for treatment. This happened to me with the first doctor which was where I made the mistake mention too much of what I wanted. Second time I didn’t and got what I needed, a referral to the xray facility. I used the app “My doctor” on my phone where I chatted with a doctor and got the referral this way. This was much more convenient than to book an appointment with a doctor that was going to be face to face, but now comes the next problem. The xray facility that I choosed is operated by only one nurse. Then she got sick shortly before my appointment and we have to rebook it. She became better and we booked another one. This was two weeks after my canceled appointment. When it was getting closer this time I felt enthusiastic that I soon will get my xray but the same thing happened again, one day before she became sick again. So now I am back waiting to book another appointment again.I’m thinking that some stress could arrive from this experience, that I have to take days of my work, which makes me think that my boss might thinking that I have become less of consistent worker, and also that I loose some money and that I have to wait longer for answers about my hip.

First Stock

I have recently looked into stocks and I’m thinking about which stock I want to purchase.

I felt that I am about to miss out big on some investment, and “Damn, I’m to late!” like “Why have I not paid any attention to stocks before”.

But as a few days went by and I did my first studies on companies to find the right ones to invest in I cooled down.

I felt that I might miss out big, iapotek was a great stock to invest I think before the big outbreak of Corona.

Anyway, I ended up invest some into Idogen (vaccine stock)

Joining Facebook Groups

I just joined some groups in off-grid living and it makes sense to join these groups, because you can build really great relationships in these places. Facebook groups are great for this. The key as I see it now is to interact with people and suddenly you have your first customer. I have not been interacting a lot I these type of groups so this is out of my normal zone. But I started with just scrolling thru the feed and this feel like a great first step. Then when I see an opportunity I aim and try to build relationships this way.

Trends Of Living

What is the purpose of a small cabin? By my opinion it is the simplicity of living that tempts me.

I actually right now have the tv on and its fascinates me the coincidence of the subject of the program that is running on the tv at the same time when I’m thinking about cabin-life, because I see an resemblance. Sometimes I just want to have the tv on in the background and it doesn’t always matter which channel it is. This time it’s about vanlife. This got me thinking that there might be a trend going on, which is that more people want to live in a van. I’m thinking about two reasons for this trend. 1, that people more than ever have the need for a residence and 2 people see the convenient opportunity living in a van.

Choosing to live in a van could be an easier way finding a residence in your city than a regular appartment. If you can find a good van and a good parking lot and it doesn’t bother you that it might not always be as comfortable as living in a regular appartment this might be a very tempting choice. And of course, you can travel! This is of course suitable when you work as some sort of online entrepreneur and can travel with your work, and at the same time have your leisure time. What a dream-life this sounds like!